Birthworkers of Colour
Nyumbani Kwa Mama
Welcome to Birthworkers of Colour

Who are we? Here you will find birthworkers of colour. Doulas, midwives, antenatal teachers, alternative therapies, birth photographers, photographers, hypno therapists for birth.

Why? We live in an amazing, multicultural world. When you look around the UK, doulas and birthkeepers, the doulas of colour, the black and the brown ones, are few and extremely far between. On visiting to a black baby show, we found more in that day than we had in years within the doula organisation that we belonged to. We still aren’t many and so invited them to join the doula organisation, but they declined, saying it wasn’t the space for them.

Fast forward a few years, and we decided to see if we could find any more.  A Facebook group was started and there were twelve of us. Over a year that number grew and with the addition of a few overseas members, we currently stand at over 100.

What does Nyumbani Kwa Mama mean? Mother’s Home.

How do I pronounce it? Nigh Um Bany Qwa Mama

Scientification and Sacred Reverence of Birth. Part I

As a doula and holistic therapist the busy-ness and business side of the work can make things seem a little carnal. Paradoxically, you can 'feel' a little mechanical and almost robotic as you get lost through data, journals, emails, contracts, assessments and so on....

Nutritional therapy for feminine and postnatal health

When a client comes to me for nutritional therapy we have a consultation and during that consultation a picture of the health needs become apparent. There is usually a clear link between what and how they eat and the symptoms they are experiencing. Here is short post...

Being a Postnatal Doula

Most people I meet have never heard of a doula, the people who have often don’t know that some doulas, like myself only work postnatally.  I did a full doula preparation course and I was excited to work with pregnant and birthing women but I didn’t see how being at a...

Jamaican Fish Tea (soup) for recovery after birth

We all know It can be hard to prepare meals when trying to adjust to your new life with a newborn baby.   Your nutrition plays a big role in recovery, even more so if your recovering from a long complicated birth, cesarean birth or /and are breastfeeding your baby....

Black Mother & Child

Why? Why do I have to fear I will be mistreated by people who I should trust? Why do I get looked down on from health care professionals when I attend my antenatal appointment? Why do people make assumptions that I don’t have a job, I’m a single mother or don’t know...

Caring for Yourself

Login to any social media platform, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. and you’ll be inundated with a gazillion and one ideas on ‘self-care’. Articles on what is self-care, why self-care, how to do self-care are and what will happen to your mind, body and...

What is a Doula?

What is a Doula? I have, I believe, the best job in the world.  I have the privilege to walk beside women as they journey through pregnancy, birth and those early postnatal days. I am a doula. What, I hear you ask, is a doula? A doula is someone who gives women and...

They are all so amazing. I am so glad I found this network of Black Women

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion reach for the stars to change the world – Harriet Tynan Tweet This

I did what my conscience told me to do, and you can’t fail if you do that – Anita Hill