Author: Natasha Smith

Scientification and Sacred Reverence of Birth. Part I

As a doula and holistic therapist the busy-ness and business side of the work can make things seem a little carnal. Paradoxically, you can ‘feel’ a little mechanical and almost robotic as you get lost through data, journals, emails, contracts, assessments and so on. In order to bring me back from administration, scientification and ‘technologicalisation’ of my work I need to retreat as a birthing woman would, find a quiet space up on a spiritual mountain, pray and meditate on God’s word and give birth to true productivity. You see the importance of faith and sacredness in this work...

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Nutritional therapy for feminine and postnatal health

When a client comes to me for nutritional therapy we have a consultation and during that consultation a picture of the health needs become apparent. There is usually a clear link between what and how they eat and the symptoms they are experiencing. Here is short post about some useful foods women should do their best to include regularly in the diet. 1. Food for the cycle It is known amongst practitioners in holistic therapies that women living in non western countries without fertility issues actually have lighter to no periods. While we can argue if the absence is...

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Listening to the Legacy of Feminine Laywork

As I sit down to plan my short piece as a guest for Nyumbani kwa Mama, academic jargon from my A level media lessons enter my mind. I think about intertextuality. I remember that class, it gave me ‘a’ piece of vocabulary that I needed. Accustomed to speaking broken English with a limited range of vocabulary, then add to that a cockney accent -‘intertextuality’ was a new gem to add to my growing vocabulary slowly gentrifying my urban vernacular. ‘Intertextuality’ is the relation between texts and in media used to analyse the relationship between film and literary texts or other...

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We are very proud to support this campaign.
A breastfeeding awareness campaign
1 March - 19 April 2018
Avenir Art is pleased to present #FEEDME, a photography exhibition by artists Agatha A. Nitecka and Robert Appleton of RÅN studio. #FEEDME, the second exhibition of the virtual gallery, features a series of women breastfeeding on the go, in public places across landmark locations in London including the V&A, Portobello Market, Brick Lane and Tate. Over a hundred mothers across the cultural and vibrant city volunteered to take part in this awareness campaign using their image to vocalise the positivity of public breastfeeding. The final selection represents the diversity of London with each mother varying in age and ethnicity and their children also ranging from two months to four years old.
#abueladoulas #normalisebreastfeeding #blackwomendobreastfeed #melaninpoppin #blacklovemagic

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