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Being a Postnatal Doula

Most people I meet have never heard of a doula, the people who have often don’t know that some doulas, like myself only work postnatally.  I did a full doula preparation course and I was excited to work with pregnant and birthing women but I didn’t see how being at a birth was going to sit with my family; I don’t have much support locally and my son is too young to be left alone. This discussion came up during the last day of my preparation course and that is when I realised that I could be a doula...

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What is a Doula?

What is a Doula? I have, I believe, the best job in the world.  I have the privilege to walk beside women as they journey through pregnancy, birth and those early postnatal days. I am a doula. What, I hear you ask, is a doula? A doula is someone who gives women and their families, continuous support during her pregnancy, during the birth of her child(ren) and afterwards. This is within the mother’s home and wherever she chooses to birth. What does a doula do? A doula gives emotional and physical support. She does not give medical advice, nor...

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We are very proud to support this campaign.
A breastfeeding awareness campaign
1 March - 19 April 2018
Avenir Art is pleased to present #FEEDME, a photography exhibition by artists Agatha A. Nitecka and Robert Appleton of RÅN studio. #FEEDME, the second exhibition of the virtual gallery, features a series of women breastfeeding on the go, in public places across landmark locations in London including the V&A, Portobello Market, Brick Lane and Tate. Over a hundred mothers across the cultural and vibrant city volunteered to take part in this awareness campaign using their image to vocalise the positivity of public breastfeeding. The final selection represents the diversity of London with each mother varying in age and ethnicity and their children also ranging from two months to four years old.
#abueladoulas #normalisebreastfeeding #blackwomendobreastfeed #melaninpoppin #blacklovemagic

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