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What a way to end 2017. With the death of another beautiful black woman. An activist. A woman who shouted out her father’s dying words ‘I can’t breathe’. A young mother of two, one a baby born just a few short months ago.  She died of a heart attack. Her heart literally broke. A lifetime of micro aggressions, a father murdered by the police, a black mother of two birthing in a hospital where the high rate of black maternal, neonatal and postnatal deaths is beyond tragic. It’s a national disaster. “But Mars”, you say, “that’s America, and we...

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Listening to the Legacy of Feminine Laywork

As I sit down to plan my short piece as a guest for Nyumbani kwa Mama, academic jargon from my A level media lessons enter my mind. I think about intertextuality. I remember that class, it gave me ‘a’ piece of vocabulary that I needed. Accustomed to speaking broken English with a limited range of vocabulary, then add to that a cockney accent -‘intertextuality’ was a new gem to add to my growing vocabulary slowly gentrifying my urban vernacular. ‘Intertextuality’ is the relation between texts and in media used to analyse the relationship between film and literary texts or other...

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othering ˈʌðə/ verb gerund or present participle: othering view or treat (a person or group of people) as intrinsically different from and alien to oneself. “a critique of the ways in which the elderly are othered by society” Like many I am so raw today. There is no doubt our work is of paramount importance in light of the tragedy unfolding before us in Manchester. Love is the only remedy for this. I believe bringing in the next generation with a greater capacity for love is our solution and it drives my work. Yet there is so much hatred. The...

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We are very proud to support this campaign.
A breastfeeding awareness campaign
1 March - 19 April 2018
Avenir Art is pleased to present #FEEDME, a photography exhibition by artists Agatha A. Nitecka and Robert Appleton of RÅN studio. #FEEDME, the second exhibition of the virtual gallery, features a series of women breastfeeding on the go, in public places across landmark locations in London including the V&A, Portobello Market, Brick Lane and Tate. Over a hundred mothers across the cultural and vibrant city volunteered to take part in this awareness campaign using their image to vocalise the positivity of public breastfeeding. The final selection represents the diversity of London with each mother varying in age and ethnicity and their children also ranging from two months to four years old.
#abueladoulas #normalisebreastfeeding #blackwomendobreastfeed #melaninpoppin #blacklovemagic

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