As a doula and holistic therapist the busy-ness and business side of the work can make things seem a little carnal. Paradoxically, you can ‘feel’ a little mechanical and almost robotic as you get lost through data, journals, emails, contracts, assessments and so on.

In order to bring me back from administration, scientification and ‘technologicalisation’ of my work I need to retreat as a birthing woman would, find a quiet space up on a spiritual mountain, pray and meditate on God’s word and give birth to true productivity.

You see the importance of faith and sacredness in this work cannot be underestimated. It was the God-fearing midwives Shiphrah and Puah who were saviors of the Israelites. It was Mary who the angel Gabriel first appeared to before informing Joseph that a child would be born of his wife. It was to Monoah’s wife, that special instruction was given on the diet and rearing of Israel’s most noteable Judge. A special sacred moment preceded many births when we read these historical accounts. Even when looking at the revelation of rebirth Nicodemus had an encounter with Jesus in the midnight.

So in like fashion before every encounter we should take a moment to contemplate the holiness and sacredness of birth, and of our work. We should seek to protect it. Seek to protect the mother from the pressures of cascading intervention, seek wisdom so that we can ensure her familial hedge is sure. We should ask for courage to be a voice of advocacy and ask for discernment to know when to use it. We should ask that angels are special attendants and guards. We should ask that every technical device aligns to the rhythm of the spirit.

We should take a moment… always.